21 Low-Carb Sweet Treats - perfect for winter parties

Ditch The Carbs - one meal at a time!
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Who else wants to enjoy festive parties AND stay on track this year?

  • Who else wants their family to eat healthy party food AND not have the sugar crash that usually follows?
  • Do you want to cut back on the sugars and processed food from your life AND still have fun?
  • If you always fall off the rails at this time of year, then this is the book you need.

Inside you will find:

  • 21 easy healthy recipes using simple ingredients
  • easy gluten-free low-carb treats with no added sugar
  • 10 baked desserts
  • 8 sweet treats
  • 3 beverages

Many recipes are my family favourites which I have adapted to become low-carb and sugar-free versions.

All the recipes are made with basic and easy to find, simple ingredients.

Some recipes in the book will NEVER be available on the website.

21 Low-Carb Sweet Treats is perfect for winter celebrations and the festive season. All the easy recipes are sugar-free, gluten-free, grain-free and low-carb.

Are you confused with what to make for parties?

Do you want your children to have fun at your party but not have the sugar rush then the sugar crash that usually happens?

Who else wants to dunk the junk?

You will have a selection of easy healthy party recipes that you can use for every occasion. Cakes, cheesecakes, meringue, truffles and even mulled wine and eggnog.

And remember, if you are invited to a party, always offer to bring a low-carb sweet treat so you can avoid the sugar-laden desserts usually on offer.

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21 Low-Carb Sweet Treats - perfect for winter parties

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